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Further DECHEMA-Stands at ACHEMA 2018

11.0 D60 -The DECHEMA Research Institute, together with GfKORR,
presents its expertise and resources in the field of materials science, materials databases and corrosion protection.

More at http://dechema-dfi.de/Industrie and http://gfkorr.de/


FY.4 A13 - DECHEMA Research Institute: Continuing Professional Development Services

All aspects of DECHEMA’s continuing professional development services for chemists, engineers, biotechnologists, materials scientists and related fields of activity

More at http://dechema-dfi.de/weiterbildung




9.2 E83 – the BMBF stand for the German funding initiative CO2Plus

Partners involved: COVESTRO, Siemens, LIKAT, DVGW, BASF, DECHEMA

Mainly projects related to the BMBF funding priority CO2Plus, i.e. CO2 utilization for the raw material base, will be presented.

More at: www.chemieundco2.de / www.bmbf.de


9.2 D41 - Modular Systems in cooperation with ZVEI and NAMUR

Project / participation: TAK Modular Systems in cooperation with ZVEI and NAMUR; more than 20 co-exhibitors

The stand will showcase the latest developments in the field of modular production.

More at: http://processnet.org/Beteiligung+ACHEMA.html


9.2 D84 - Kopernikus - P2X & Kopernikus SynErgie

The Kopernikus projects are working on the further development of our energy system.
P2X presents different exhibits on the utilisation of renewable energy and CO2 for the production of synthetic fuels
and further enery-intensive chemical products.
SynErgie shows the influence of fluctuating electricity and power on industrial production processe and potential countermeasures.

More at: https: //www.kopernikus-projekte.de/projekte/power-to-x


11.0 F59 - Automation in Dialogue

NAMUR, ARC Advisory Group and ZVEI are hosting their joint Forum at ACHEMA 2018 trade show entitled “Automation in Dialog”.
During all five days of the exhibition, a variety of events and talks on important issues of process automation take place here.

More at the NAMUR-Homepage


9.2 B87 International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) and Think Beyond Plastic

Participating Partners: International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3), Think Beyond Plastic, Altais Nova,
Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC, Grow Bioplastics, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

In cooperation with Think Beyond Plastic, International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre (ISC3) showcases high-impact solutions designed to think of a world beyond plastic, contributing to the global breakthrough of sustainable chemistry.

More at: www.isc3.org / www.thinkbeyondplastic.com


9.2 B80 SPIRE Group Stand

SPIRE is a contractual Public-Private Partnership whose goal it is to enhance the sustainability of the European Process Industry through
the development of resource and energy efficient technologies and services. 10 SPIRE-funded research projects will exhibit and present
their commercially promising results at the booth.








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