Make an appointment with our DECHEMA theme speakers, scientists from the DECHEMA Research Institute (DFI) and other experts from the DECHEMA network (e.V.) and discuss current trends and topics.

Themes and FieldsTheme Experts
Plant and process safety Dr. Eva-Maria Felix (e.V.)
Batteries and fuel cells Dr.-Ing. Jean-Franҫois Drillet (DFI)
Bioeconomy Dr-Ing. Karsten Schürrle (e.V.)
Biotechnology Dr. Markus Buchhaupt (DFI)
Biotechnology Dr.-Ing. Dirk Holtmann (DFI)
Biotechnology Prof. Dr. Jens Schrader (DFI)
Chemistry and chemical engineering Dr. Andreas Förster (e.V.)
Databases – DETHERM, DECHEMA Werkstofftabelle Dr. Ulrich Westhaus (e.V.)
Electrochemistry, electrochemical water treatment, electro-organic synthesis Dr. Klaus-Michael Mangold (DFI)
Energy and climate Dr. Florian Ausfelder (e.V.)
Research and project coordination Dr. Alexis Bazzanella (e.V.)
Functional surfaces Dr. Stephan Lederer (DFI)
High-temperature (materials, corrosion, protective coatings) PD Dr.-Ing. Mathias Galetz (DFI)
Industrial symbiosis Dr. Christina Jungfer (e.V.)
Korrosion und Korrosionsschutz (wässrige Korrosion) PD Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Fürbeth (DFI)
Medical technology Dr. Karin Tiemann (e.V.)
Modularization Dr. Linus Schulz (e.V.)
Nanotechnology Dr. Christoph Steinbach (e.V.)
Pharmaceuticals Dr. Karin Tiemann (e.V.)
Photocatalysis Dr. Jonathan Bloh (DFI) (Mo/Di)
Redox flow batteries, recycling Dr. Claudia Weidlich (DFI)
Renewable Resources and Microalgae Dr. Jochen Michels (e.V.)
Resources/Raw Materials Dipl.-Ing. Katja Wendler (e.V.)
Utilization of CO2 for the raw material base Dennis Krämer (e.V.)
VBU Association of German Biotechnology Companies Dr. Sebastian Hiessl (e.V.)
Watermanagement Dr. Thomas Track (e.V.)